Organised for more value creation

As Premium Fresh Network, we organise sales and merchandising as well as logistics and billing for ultra fresh convenience products.

Through networking the processes at the interface of the sales agents from the food retail, C&C and wholesale area, products from both home and abroad are packaged together by us. This ensures smooth further distribution at the national level: all products reach the defined target customers from Day A to Day B.

We offer individual logistics concepts for different distribution channels for the delivery of everything up to the smallest possible ordering unit (a single item). This achieves a significant reduction of write-offs along the entire value chain, among other things. 

Our services in overview

  • Coordination of the orders of products from several producers for the sales agent
  • Concentration of the trade channels via our central warehouse and forwarding agency (cross docking can be arranged)
  • Pooled administration, order lists and category management
  • Needs-based delivery to sales agents and further development of ranges
  • One-stop processing of complaints
  • Creation of only one invoice for our customers (even in the case of several producers) 
  • Securing and expanding the value chain 
  • Acting on modified consumer needs 


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