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Premium Fresh Network with a successful first year – expansion of services in 2014

Premium Fresh Network GmbH with headquarters in Möckmühl looks back with satisfaction at its first year of business activity. The manufacturer-neutral platform for ultra-fresh convenience products was able to introduce and distribute innovative products such as Gemüsinis’ black salsifies and swedes within a short time. “Through the unique networking of growers or producers, on the one hand, and the various trade channels, on the other hand, we achieve synergy effects along the entire value chain,” comments managing director Friedhelm Balmes. Balmes added in explanation that, in addition, this is how national access to the market is enabled for participants who are otherwise highly active regionally due to their structure.

Since October 2013, PFN has also been offering classical marketing services for its partners, in addition to the classical system services in distribution, logistics and accounting. For this purpose, a long-term cooperation with the agency Kundendienst from Nuremberg has been concluded. The full-service agency is, for example, currently supporting the German roll-out of cold, peeled, kitchen-ready potatoes under the brand name of Polder Gold from PFN partner, Schaap Holland. In this respect, it is responsible for the implementation of print and social media concepts, among other things.

The past year was characterised above all by the expansion of our logistic services. In order to further optimise the supply of goods to northern and eastern Germany, the PFN logistics partner GFT is starting up a second fully-fledged stock warehouse in Hanover in mid-February 2014. This should ensure the reduction of transport routes and contribute to shortening the time span between ordering and delivery. In addition, PFN will also once again be introducing ground-breaking innovations in the market this year. In the spring, for instance, selected baby leaf salads from the Italian producer Agronomia S.r.l. from Bergamo will be introduced in the market. Due to strongly changing consumer habits and also because of social change, Friedhelm Balmes deems the current point in time as being extremely favourable to innovative product ideas: “We have been saying for thirty years that the next step has to happen. Now the time seems ripe as consumers are demanding new products that take account of the changes in terms of food preparation behaviour.”

Premium Fresh Network GmbH carries out demand-oriented networking of regional, partially owner-managed producers as well as of nationally or internationally active companies. Innovative marketing and logistics concepts are offered for the food retail industry and the food service sector.


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